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Barb offers Integrated Table Massage, which is a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Essential Oils, & Hot/Cold Stones to customize your treatment based on your needs and preferences at the time of service.  


 Fijian ~ This massage targets the low back & hips, though it can include full body.  Hot stone placement is used on the back for deep heat muscle relief in 45 minute or longer sessions.

Indian Head ~ This seated massage is perfect for when you are short on time, but need specific work to the head, neck, and upper shoulders.  It helps reduce tension in these areas and increase alertness and clarity.  


The roots of Reflexology draw, in part, from the ancient healing art of foot massage, practiced the world over, from Asian and Egyptian civilizations to tribal communities of the Americas.  But it has only been within the last century that this work has established a foothold, so to speak, in Western practice.   

As we know it today, Reflexology is viewed primarily as a stress reduction or relaxation technique.  Using the thumb, finger, and hand, gentle pressure is applied to reflex areas of the feet in order to decrease stress and bring the body into equilibrium.  How and why Reflexology works the way it does is still up for debate.  I believe it involves communication throughout the nervous system.  Scientific studies have documented its benefits for a variety of ailments, ranging from acute disorders to chronic diseases.  The majority of this research has come from China, where the positive findings include reduction of pain, improvement of circulation, and release of tension. (Adapted from an article by ABMP.)  The first Reflexology Session must be a full session, priced as below. A series of 3 full sessions is recommended for maximum benefits and can be purchased at a discount with a pre-paid package.  After the first session, or series of 3, Reflexology sessions are priced at the massage rates below.



15 Minute Massage$20
2 Hour Massage$110
30 Minute Massage$40
60 Minute Massage$70
90 Minute Massage$90
Chinese Facial Massage$60
Reflexology$65 / 90 minutes
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